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Why us?

"We offer insight, expertise and overview in to your business, in order to drive sales, profits and brand message."

Who we are

We are a boutique Executive Search and Advisory firm that specializes in helping brands and retailers improve their ability to understand their customers needs and address them in an intelligent manner.  We help them get the right product, into the right location, at the right time in a concise manner.  

We help brands and retailers be more efficient internally and operationally through better defined processes and alignment with the appropriate skill sets.

​We help position your organization with the right people to succeed.  Our network of partners, contributors and affiliates provide us with a vast breadth of knowledge and reach within the Retail industry. - Executive Search - Jannine Abadi & Associates - Advisory - Actionized

We not only work with you to define the opportunity and conceptualize the strategy, we work with our clients throughout the implementation phase of the project to execute the vision.  

​​Industry expertise

  • Executive Search

  • Retail consulting

  • E-commerce

  • Wholesale consulting

  • Fashion brands

  • Footwear brands

  • Accessories brands

  • Apparel manufacturing

  • ​Home Fashions

  • International Business Development

  • ​Licensing